PSP – Media Revolution

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I am lucky enough to be the proud owner of Sony’s brand new protable media center, the Playstation Portable (PSP). The PSP is not only a portable gaming device (and one that is more powerful than the Nintendo DS I might add), but it can also store and play mp3’s, videos, and photos. Wireless play between PSPs without an access point is just icing on the delicious, super-moist cake. All of that and it’s cheaper than an iPOD! Well, okay, that’s not saying much since the iPOD is grossly overpriced, but the PSP is still a great buy.

My only complaints with the system are as follows:
1.) The system is simply too hard to keep clean. The screen is amazing and the fact that the whole thing is a nice shiny plastic is cool-looking, but it smudges quite easily. I hate to see my fingerprints.
2.) The battery life is a bit short. The system will only play high intensity games for a little over 2 hours.
3.) The PSP will not play just any video file that you save to it. The files must be converted to a specific format that can be saved on the memory sticks. Sony has a program for sale that will do this, but it’ll cost you a cool $20. Luckily, I’ve saved you some time and found a program that will do this for free. Thank the nice guys over at PSP Video 9 with a donation to their cause.

Bhutan Moves Toward Constitution

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A draft of the first constitution of Bhutan has been sent to all of its citizens. Currently the country is a monarchy, but in 2001 the king decided to create a constitution. In his words: “The sovereignty, stability and well-being of the country must be placed above everything else. The country is more important than the king.”

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Kyrgyzstan: People Take Back Their Government

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The BBC has reported that after an election in Kyrgyzstan, which the people believe was rigged, protestors overran the Capital and forced the current government out.
Then the current government named an interim leader while they sort the situation out.
Warning to all corrupt leaders and dictators: Your time is almost up. The people will be heard.

PhysX – A Gaming Revolution?

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“The chip, named the PhysX, was created by Ageia and is designed to perform the same role that a typical GPU performs for accelerating pixel rendering.” PhysX is a new GPU that will be put in some next-gen consoles and future PC’s. While it will not waist time with “elementary graphics processing,” the PhysX chipset is designed to handle particles, bodys, and life-like human animations. Before, the graphics card handled the physics as well as the physics, but now the two GPUs can share the job and give games twice the processin power.

Xbox 2 controllers

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Personally, I think that the current Xbox controller is absolutely the best thing to happen to console gaming (especially first person shooters)in this generation. The Xbox controllers, both the original and the controller-S, are generations beyond both the Sony and Nintendo controllers. Why are the next-gen controllers being changed? I personally like the original controllers and want to use them when playing the next Xbox console, but that has already been shot. Now I hear that the triggers, which are vital to the success of games like Halo, Halo 2, and The Chronicles of Riddick: Escape from Butcher Bay, have been replaced by shoulder buttons! Do the “genius” engineers at Microsoft actually think that what consumers want is another N64 controller? I simply can’t believe that the Xbox was so incredible and Microsoft is screwing up its successor so badly. Your thoughts?

Afghan Blogger

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I’m not totally sure if this is the first blog from Afghanistan, but that is what it claims.

Afghan Warrior

Gun control activist arrested on gun charges.

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( – The president of the Springfield, Ill., chapter of the Million Mom March faces charges of having drugs and an illegal handgun in her home. Press reports said the gun’s serial number had been scratched off.

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Half-Life 2 mod

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Check out this HL2 mod. Its a work in progress but looks like it will be pretty cool. The back story reminds me a little of Phyrfight. Cant wait to play it!