IGN: Industry Responds to Federal Game Regulation

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IGN: Industry Responds to Federal Game Regulation

FCC Does About-Face On a la carte Cable

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Imagine a world where you get the Sci-Fi Channel, Comedy Central, and the History Channel, but don’t have to pay for channels like Oxygen, Lifetime, and E! that you’ll never watch.

FCC about-face

Bruce Willis comes out fighting for Iraq’s forgotten GI heroes

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Bruce Willis comes out fighting for Iraq’s forgotten GI heroes – Sunday Times – Times Online

“I am baffled to understand why the things I saw happening in Iraq are not being reported,” he told MSNBC, the American news channel.

Willis plans to make a movie based on the writings of blogger Michael Yon.

This Is Our War: A Soldiers’ Portfolio

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This Is Our War: A Soldiers’ Portfolio: GQ Features on men.style.com

GQ is compiling one of the largest collections ever gathered of photos taken by active soldiers.

Sony Is Circling The Drain

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The State of Texas has filed suit against Sony.

The EFF anounced today they are filing a class action against Sony.

Good News from Iraq – Snipers Neutralize Homicide Bombers

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Sounds like intelligence efforts are starting to pay off.

From: News Telegraph UK

(Filed: 20/11/2005)
“Early on a warm summer morning, a few hours before traffic began to fill the streets, a 16-man SAS patrol took up ambush positions around a Baghdad house, writes Sean Rayment.

The soldiers had been told that the house was a being used as a base by insurgents – and up to three suicide bombers were expected to leave it later that morning.

Dressed in explosive vests, they were fully equipped to hit a number of locations around the city. The bombers’ targets were thought to be cafes and restaurants frequented by members of the Iraqi security forces.

The intelligence was regarded as “high grade” and came from an Iraqi agent who had been nurtured by members of the British Secret Intelligence Service, also known as MI6, for several months.”


Operation Marlborough – Click to enlarge.

Say Goodbye To Your Rights

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All people whether they are programmers or those who are tech-illiterate need to read this article. The recent Sony debacle has brought many of these issues to the forefront of public discussion. I urge all who care about any of their rights to participate in any manner possible. This country was founded by the people for the people and can still be run by the people if we wish. By participating in greater numbers and telling those in the government that we control them and not the other way around we can continue this greatest of experiments. Read the whole article with links here.

The EFF makes it easy to participate.

How to stop Hollywood and Congress from trampling on your constitutional rights from ZDnet
Posted by David Berlind @ 10:35 am

“Earlier today, I wrote a blog entry entitled The day the broadcast died. It talks about how the RSS subscription protocol has been married to TV programming in a way that could completely disintermediate the current channels of TV program distribution. In response, you should expect the entertainment industry to pursue every avenue at its disposal to clamp down on such innovations, stifling both the Internet and your constitutional rights in the process. Here’s what you need to know and what you need to do about it right now.”


Digital Recorders Raise Viewership

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TV networks say digital recorders raise viewership

“…But in their research on the use of DVRs, the television networks said the technology offered an opportunity to attract viewers who might otherwise miss shows when they first air.”

EFF: An Open Letter to Sony-BMG

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The more and more I read about what has transpired the more and more infuriated I become with Sony. The record labels and the RIAA have no idea what is going on and soon there will be no need for either of them. Power to the people! EFF: An Open Letter to Sony-BMG

NASA Collects Gravity Data to Test Einstein Theory

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A huge amount of work and time went into this project.
Gravity Probe B

Media Bias

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One more example.

Media Ignore Congressman Murtha’s Long History Of Opposition to the Iraq War

Rep. Murtha first voiced his displeasure with how things were going in Iraq on September 16, 2003, when he called for the immediate firing of President Bush’s defense leadership team. The network news organizations this evening chose not to inform their viewers of this, and, instead, implied that Rep. Murtha was a “hawk” that has always supported this war, and that his statements today were recent revelations.

Quite the contrary, the New York Times reported on September 17, 2003 (link courtesy of Common Dreams.org):

“One of the strongest Democratic supporters of the invasion of Iraq joined the growing offensive against the administration’s postwar planning today, demanding that President Bush fire his defense leadership team.

“The Democrat, Representative John P. Murtha of Pennsylvania, a decorated Vietnam veteran, said that he had been misled into voting for the war by incorrect information from top administration officials and that the president had also been misled.

“’You can’t fire the president unless you’re in California,’ Mr. Murtha said. ‘But somebody recommended this policy to him, and he took the recommendation. Somebody has to be held responsible, and he’s got to make the decision who it was.’”


The Real Story of the Rogue Sony Rootkit

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Wired News: Real Story of the Rogue Sony Rootkit

It’s a David and Goliath story of the tech blogs defeating a mega-corporation.

Digg may rival Slashdot

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New site Digg.com is a news aggregator based on a slightly different paradigm than Slashdot. The increasing importance of user interest and contribution as an integral part of news aggregation and dissemination is a very intriguing development.

From: Wired News
“Despite digging deeper into the space occupied by Slashdot, Rose can credit that site’s founder, Rob Malda, as the original inspiration for his project. During a lunchtime meeting in preparation for interviewing Malda last year, Rose realized that his ambivalence about adding more social features to Slashdot had highlighted an important gap in the user-organized news market he is now helping to create.

“Digg’s popularity is growing from its ability to prioritize content based on actual user interest rather than editorial assumptions,” said Rose. “

What would JFK do?

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“Let every nation know, whether it wishes us well or ill, that we shall pay any price, bear any burden, meet any hardship, support any friend, oppose any foe to assure the survival and the success of liberty.” —John F. Kennedy

Do the Democrats agree with this statement, or not?

U.N. Waffles

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So the UN fired some guy implicated in the oil-for-food scandal then took him back and gave him back pay!


F.E.A.R. Download

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F.E.A.R. is now availble via download. It was a heck of an FPS demo and the scariest demo I have ever played. Creepy man creepy.

Senators suggest Bush be impeached

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From: The Federalist Patriot

“On the heels of the “White House — CIA leak” investigation, which concluded that no laws were broken (but charged one administration staffer with perjury), liberals are attempting to parlay that non-starter into a much bigger political brawl. Their charges have no substance, and are completely contrived to keep Republicans off balance through next year’s midterm elections.

Sens. Ted Kennedy, Harry Reid and Dick Durbin have accused President George Bush of lying about Iraq’s Weapons of Mass Destruction, insisting he “lied us into war.” They are even floating the suggestion that he be impeached.


Halo, Halo 2 to Run at 720p on Xbox 360

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Halo, Halo 2 to Run at 720p on Xbox 360

The Xbox 360 is so cool it doesn’t just play cool new games, it makes cool old games better.

NEW INFO!!!!!!!!

This story came out before Microsoft announced the full details on backwards compatability. First off, you must have a hard drive for backwards compatability to work. Go here to find a complete list of games that will work at launch. PLUS: EVERY GAME WILL RUN IN 720p WITH ANTI-ALIASING. THAT’S RIGHT MICROSOFT HAS ENGINEERED THEIR EMULATION SOFTWARE TO RUN ALL BACKWARDS COMPATABLE GAMES IN HD.

France Is Burning

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France was against the United States of America enforcing the U.N. resolution that said Saddam must disarm. Later we find out that many French government officials had been promised oil by Saddam. Now France faces an insurrection, from the people they have been “attempting to appease”.

Call it Karma.

San Francisco Chronicle Against SF Gun Ban

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By: John R. Lott Jr

Who wrote the following?

“[I]t is possible that once residents gave up their handguns, San Francisco would be seen as an easy hunting ground for criminals who have no intention of giving up their own pistols.”

Is it the NRA claiming that gun laws disarm law-abiding citizens and not criminals? No. Amazingly enough it was the San Francisco Chronicle, one of the more liberal newspapers in the U.S., in an editorial arguing against Proposition H, the initiative that passed on Tuesday to ban handguns in the city.

Read more:
John Lott’s website

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