Munich – Spielberg and the War on Terror

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Below is an excerpt from an article about the Spielberg movie “Munich” on the website

It’s a fascinating and well thought out piece about The War on Terror and the way Hollywood Elites view the war and the world.

“What is the point of killing a terrorist when another is there to take his place?” muse the characters in “Munich.” Maybe because there’ll be one terrorist instead of two, perhaps? Why not substitute the word ‘terrorist’ with ‘Nazi’ and see how that sounds? The logic is no different. Either we confront evil in the world or pretend that it will just go away if ignored or appeased.”

Federal Judge Jack B. Weinstein Ignores Law

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From the NRA

On Wednesday, October 26, President George W. Bush signed into law the NRA-backed “Protection of Lawful Commerce in Arms Act” (S. 397)–legislation to end politically motivated lawsuits designed to bankrupt law-abiding American firearm manufacturers and retailers. S. 397 passed both chambers of Congress with broad bipartisan support; in recent years, 33 states have passed similar legislation.

Having lost this extremely significant battle in Congress, the anti-gunners have again taken their show to the courts–and activist judges–in an attempt to circumvent and challenge the new law.

On December 2, anti-gun New York Federal Judge Jack B. Weinstein ruled that New York City’s lawsuit against law-abiding firearm manufacturers and retailers could move forward.


Supporting Michael Yon in Iraq

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You can support Michael Yon’s work in Iraq.


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From the AOPA:

“Perhaps. In the 9/11 Commission’s first “report card,” it gives the
government a “B-” for homeland airspace defense. The commission notes
that there is “no overarching plan to secure airspace outside the National
Capital region.” “That’s most ominous,” said Andy Cebula, AOPA senior
vice president of government and technical affairs, “because what ‘secures’
the National Capital region is the Washington, D.C., Air Defense
Identification Zone (ADIZ)! I’m not sure which is more distressing–that
the commission thinks the Washington, D.C., ADIZ works, or that they think
the model should be applied elsewhere.” This makes it all the more critical
that pilots tell the government that they don’t want the Washington, D.C.,
ADIZ to continue and that they definitely don’t want an ADIZ in their
airspace. In its original report, the 9/11 Commission said that NORAD–
the North American Aerospace Defense Command–focused only on threats
from outside the United States, even though terrorists might “use planes
as missiles.” The report card, issued Monday, adds that “no single agency
currently leads the interagency response to airspace violations.” “What
we have seen before with these kinds of reports is a knee-jerk reaction
to do something–anything–to prove that you’re doing something,” said
Cebula. “And the easiest thing for them to do would be to create more
ADIZs.” But ADIZs would be the wrong thing to do, according to AOPA.
The ill-conceived, poorly executed approach unfairly penalizes general
aviation, damages small businesses, increases transportation inefficiencies,
and adds additional non-safety-related burdens upon already over-tasked
air traffic controllers.”
See AOPA’s Member Action Center: Operation ADIZ

IGN: Judge Kills Illinois Violent Game Law

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IGN: Judge Kills Illinois Violent Game Law

KumaWar Recreates the Hunt for Saddam

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Ever wonder what it was like hunting for Saddam Hussein in Adwar, Iraq? Want to know the feeling of looking down a spider hole to see a dictator begging for surrender? Well, Kuma War, an online community dedicated to recreating real events in video game form, has given you the oppourtunity

Go Find Him Here

“This game actually makes me flash back and think about the war and the aftermath….But that’s not necessarily bad. Being that I will be going back to Iraq for a 3RD tour, I’ll say that it’s much better fighting from my PC behind a desk then actually slinging lead at each other.”

SGT from HHC 1/64 Armor,
3rd Infantry Division(M)

The People Win Again

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Best Buy thought it could get away with taking advantage of the Xbox 360 situation buy forcing custiomers to buy extras when they purchased the 360 on launch day.
A Best Buy’s Response to Xbox 360 bundling complaints

MP3 Jukebox built into AK 47 Magazine

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gizmag Article: MP3 Jukebox built into AK47 Ammunition Magazine
AudioBooksForFree.Com, the No1 UK online mp3 audio book publishers, has released a one-of-a-kind MP3 portable jukebox – built into the ammunition magazine of a Kalashnikov AK-47 Assault rifle. The “AK-MP3 Jukebox” comes with 20GB storage capable to hold up to 9000 songs or 3000 hours of mp3 audio books.

No doubt this will be popular with Infidels and Jihadists alike. The perfect Ramadan shemagh stuffer.

American Soldier

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I watched an awsome show on CMT last night. A documenatry about a Guard Unit going to Iraq.

It’s called American Soldier.

This from, of all places, The Hollywood Reporter:
American Soldier
“It may be on CMT, they may be from the red state of Georgia and they may be overt about their patriotism, but “American Soldier” meets its greatest challenge — telling a moving, interesting, exciting story without a political agenda.”

So if us Red-State , under educated, sub-humans can show what’s going on in Iraq without a political agenda, then why can’t our “betters” in the mainstream media do the same thing? Maybe their “cause” is more important than the un-editorialized truth.