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I recently discovered a new organization that, as they say is “defending the public interest where culture and technology meet”. They recently sent all the senators on the U.S. Senate Committee on Commerce, Science, and Transportation, an iPod loaded with non-copyrighted music, pictures, literary works and videos explaining the reason for the gift. Two senators have already returned the iPods: John Kerry and Conrad Burns. Both return letters are posted on IPAC’s blog.

Terrorists Demonstrate In NYC

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A small group of terrorists were demonstrating in NYC on the 20th. Check out the video.
All I can say is, I hope to god some government agency was watching them as well as the people who took this video.

In February, when there were psychos in France demonstrating against the Danish cartoons, two Frenchmen with the biggest balls I’ve seen went into a crowd with Danish flags on their shirts. Video

Either it’s all okay, or none of it is! – Part III

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Well, as it turns out, the genius executives at Comedy Central censored Muhammad after having aired it before on the same show. That’s right! On July 4th, 2001, a South Park episode entitled “Super Best Friends” included Muhammad as part of a superhero-like group of representatives from every major religion not only was he aired, but Muhammad had a decently large role.

So, just to recap:

-2001: “Super Best Friends” airs, nothing happens. Later that year, the greatest single attack on the United States is committed, and the country begins its War on Terrorism. (the two are not linked)
-2005: A Danish newspaper prints cartoons featuring images of Muhammad. This leads to riots and  violent retalliation.

-2006: Comedy Central refuses to air an image of Muhammad on their network in the name of “public safety.”

In case anyone is unclear, this is exactly what terrorism is supposed to do, use the fear of violent retaliation to cause a population to bow to the wishes of a few radicals.

Terrorists: 1

American civilians with power: 0

Either it’s all okay, or none of it is! – Part II

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After blogging about Comedy Central’s decision to censor South Park, I wrote a letter to the network to voice my concerns. The following is my letter followed by Comedy Central’s response.

“I find it deeply disturbing that the one network that I was convinced was above censorship, the network that allows Carlos Mencia to rant and rag on anyone regardless of race or creed, the network that runs movies and shows COMPLETELY uncensored after hours, has been the first to cowardly bow to the wishes of radical Islam.

What if radical gun owners were to threaten violence because you made fun of Charlton Heston? Would you be willing to fight for the First Amendment? What if radical Christians threatened violence for disgraceful images of Jesus, or God? Would you be willing to fight for the First Amendment? The answer is yes, you would fight for your’s, and everyone else’s for that matter, right to say what you want when you want it. You have not succeeded in preventing violence due to retaliation.

You have only succeeded in destroying Comedy Central’s reputation as the network that IS willing to push buttons. I can only hope that you right your error and re-air the recetnly censored episode of South Park free of any censorship of the images of Muhommad. This and only this will show the people of the world that the Freedom of Speech is more important than a certain group’s radical agenda. Thank You.”


Either it’s all okay, or none of it is!

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On Wednesday, April 12th, Comedy Central ran the second part of a two part South Park that was centered around American media censoring itself out of fear of Muslim retaliation. The authors of the show, Matt Stone and Trey Parker, made the purpose of the show quite clear and repeatedly had characters comment on the state of things in modern american media. The whole two episodes led up to one moment at which an episode of the T.V. show Family Guy was supposed to show an image of Muhammad.

This image was simply that, an image. If memory serves, Muhammad was supposed to hand Peter a salmon hat, whatever that is. Comedy Central, however, refused to air the image. Instead, a message informing the viewers that the image had been censored was aired.

The real kicker, though, is that at the last moment of the show, Comedy Central deemed it okay to air Jesus, the President of the United States of America, a gay man, a pregnant woman and just about anyone else you can think to make fun of crapping on each other, themselves and the american flag. What kind of a sick twisted world are we creating?

In the wise words of Kyle Broflovski, “You can’t do what [they] want just because [they’re] the one threatening you with violence… if you don’t show Muhammad, then you’ve made a distinction between what is okay to poke fun at and what isn’t. Either it’s all okay or none of it is.”

The decision that Comedy Central has made is one that I’m afraid the rest of the media will follow. We need to decide right now, do we just believe in freedom of speech or are we willing to defend it?

If you would like to comment to Comedy Central about their “decision”, click here.

Communists Supporting Immigration Protests

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You are not going to belive this so click on the link below to see for yourself.

The Communist Party USA is providing “Immigrant Rights Action Packets” in English and Spanish! And they are blaming the poor living and working conditions in Mexico on us!

From their website:
What are the reasons for immigration?
Increased immigration is the result of the declining living standards and job displacement caused by NAFTA and other pro-big-business policies pushed by our government.”

Immigrant Rights Action Packets

Student fights write-up for showing U.S. flag

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SignOnSanDiego.com > News > Metro — Student fights write-up for showing U.S. flag

Iraq Did Seek Uranium From Niger

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I will be the first one to agree that the President is not the most eloquent of speakers and has not done a good job backing his facts. Just read this article which lays out how Saddam sought Uranium from the country of Niger.

TIME: Honor After the Fall Photo Essay

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From: Time
A moving photo essay about informing military families that loved ones have died.
TIME: Honor After the Fall Photo Essay

DRM – A load of C.R.A.P.

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A ZDnet video:


South Park

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One could not imagine that a show that started out with fart jokes and toilet humor would wind up becoming that ultimate social and political commentary of our time. Trey Parker and Matt Stone have thrown some of the crude jokes aside to point out idiocy that occurs daily in our society. They have had the courage to do this on Comedy Central, home of the Daily Show, who’s host makes no bones about being super liberal. I would not go so far as to say that South Park has become a conservative outlet, but that it merely spews raw rational common sense to those who would listen. If you have never seen this show now is the time to start watching. The first three episodes of this new season have been social commentary episodes. I don’t expect every episode of the season to be a commentary one, but there is an ever increasing ratio.

A few of the episodes that I reccomend one watch are: “Two Days Before the Day After Tomorrow” from season 9. From this new season (10) the first three episodes: “The Return of Chef”, “Smug Alert” and “Cartoon Wars”. If you are one of the unfortunate souls that does not TIVO the show, a program called BitTorrent (forget iTunes) might be of some use to you. If you are not familiar with BitTorrent there is a lot of information about it at Wikipedia.

Jurors Weep, Moussaoui Smiles

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From: Yahoo

“Prosecutor Rob Spencer braced jurors for the painful testimony they were going to hear over the next few weeks. The voices of the victims of the attacks and their anguished families should be all jurors need to hear to conclude that Moussaoui should die for his crimes, Spencer said.

Spencer described one call from a woman on the 83rd floor of the second tower to fall. “The floor is completely engulfed,” she said. “We’re on the floor and we can’t breathe…. I don’t see any more air. … I’m going to die, aren’t I?” The tape apparently will be played later.

Prosecutors also will play the cockpit recordings from United Flight 93, which crashed into a Pennsylvania field on Sept. 11, after passengers fought back against the hijackers. The tape has never been heard publicly.

“You cannot understand the magnitude of that day unless you hear it from the victims themselves,” Spencer said. Moussaoui smiled several times when the prosecution mentioned his enthusiasm for the attacks.”

Read More

The Begininng of the End

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A few schools in Colorado have banned the American flag and any clothes that could be mistaken for being patriotic, like fatigues! This cannot stand. If I have the right to burn the flag of my own country I certainly have a right to WAVE it. Citizens of this country should not be punished when showing pride for the greatest country on the face of the earth. I really hope that this passes and that it is not the end of America.
Crazy Schools