Being Prepared

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One of the producers of Battlestar Galactica has written a post on his blog about being prepared for anything. At least some people in Hollywood are starting to understand that we can’t rely on others for help.

Ron Moore’s Blog:
Houses burn, cars crash, and sometimes things just fall out of the frakking sky. That’s life and it sucks, but you can at least help yourself by waking up to the idea that bad things happen to good people all the time and that means YOU.”

When Will We Learn?

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This video shows just how important history is and how many people don’t pay attention to it. Without knowledge of history we are doomed to repeat it.

Music Video

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I found one of the coolest videos I have seen in a long time. It occurred while I was wandering through the Technology Liberation Front blog. The video is very simple in it’s presentation, but what it lacks in production value it makes up for in choreography. Also, if you are one of the technology inclined, I suggest reading the TLF blog. The blog takles many of the issues surrounding technology in this era of digital transition.

Egyptian Students Update

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All of the missing Egyptian students have been found or accounted for.

Iraqi Blog

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Iraq The Model is a good source of news from Bagdad written in english by an Iraqi.

Missing Egyptian Students

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These students were supposed to report to Montana State University. Most of the students have now been found, however five are still at large.

Neill Blomkamp to Direct Halo the Movie

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A short film by Neill Blomkamp, the announced director of the Halo movie.

More Photo Fakery in Lebanon

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From: Best of the Web

“It’s a little hard to see exactly what’s going on at this size, but as luck would have it the Washington Post used the photo on its July 31 front page, and a sharp-eyed reader scanned it for us.

Here’s an enlargement of the portion in question:

I'm not dead yet

It’s a bit reminiscent of “Monty Python and the Holy Grail” (The Dead Body That Claims It Isn’t: “I’m getting better.”)

Plainly this scene was staged for the benefit of the cameras, though it is important to note we know of no evidence that the photographer was complicit in the staging. It is, however, a clear example of how terrorist groups use journalists to spread their propaganda”


Reuters Photographer Fakes Photos from Lebanon

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From the JAWA Report:

“August 06, 2006
Another Fake Reuters Photo from Lebanon

UPDATE: Reuters admits photo docotored, pulls all Hajj photos.

Another photo by Reuters photographer Adnan Hajj has been shown to be doctored. The photo, which proports to be of an Israeli F-16 firing missiles on Lebanon has been doctored to make the photo seem more sensational.”


More on the same story from WSJ Best of the Web

image: detail of installation by Bronwyn Lace