Selffulfilling Prophecy

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A Democrat has proposed reinstating the draft for the military. The Democrats previously said that Republicans would bring back the draft and were using that as a reason to vote for Democrats and now they are the ones proposing a draft (see title). Who in their right mind thinks like that? Any country that cannot sustain a volunteer military, obviously does not have the support of the people. Any politician proposing a draft is not welcome on this blog, no matter what party they happen to affiliate themselves with at the time.


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Video of Black activist calling for the extermination of Whites. This guy thinks Whites are going to kill all Blacks and the only way for Blacks to survive is to kill the Whites. News flash: Blacks in America should be afraid of being taken over by Islamofascists whose mantra is: “Convert or Die”, not White people.

NATO In Afghanistan

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Some NATO countries that have soldiers in Afghanistan have refused to back up other NATO countries and engage the enemy. The world is not going to be pretty place if we refuse to destroy those who wish to destroy us. Some of the countries have “mandates” that say they are not to get involved in combat! That is insane. Not helping your friends fight the enemy helps the enemy.

al Qaeda Rejoices Over Election

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As I wrote in a previous post, al Qaeda has seen the election of Democrats and the resignation of Rumsfeld as a sign of weakness. They now believe that they are winning.

al Qaeda tape:

“The victory day has come faster than we expected,” he says. “Here is the Islamic nation in Iraq victorious against the tyrant. The enemy is incapable of fighting on and has no choice but to run away.”

If you voted for Democrats, your reasoning for doing so does not matter. The only thing that matters is that it is seen by the enemy as weakness. I did not think that Democrats being elected would be that bad, but with the release of a new tape by some of the Islamofascists I fear for the safety of this nation the most since September 11, 2001. I believe that most of the country still really doesn’t understand the threat and the only thing that will convince them is a city wiped out by a nuclear weapon.

The only thing I can think of now is: God help us all.

More on Kerry’s “Joke”

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There has been much talk on Liberal Blogs about Kerry’s recent gaff and how it was an honest and simple mistake. This is a cogent response to that from

Since the 2004 election, I decided to avoid posting about partisan politics, that is, issues attached to candidates or holders of office. I decided to discuss issues as before, but without discussing the personalities behind those issues except, as far as possible, in a non-partisan way.

Until today.In about 30 minutes I wll leave to attend the funeral of Marine Lance Cpl. Richard Buerstetta, killed in action in Iraq two weekends ago. He was a 2004 graduate of Franklin High School, where both my sons knew him. He and my eldest son were actually scheduled to go to boot camp at Parris Island, SC, the same day, but a change by their recruiter sent them on different days. Lance Cpl. Buerstetta was a Marine reservist, enrolled in college at Middle Tennessee State University, when his callup came. Without a flicker of hesitation at being yanked from his college courses, he shouldered his seabags and went off to war. “His bags stayed packed,” according to a family member. He died about a month after arriving in Iraq.

Got that? High school graduate. College student. US Marine. Iraq.


Democrat Trys to Exploit Fallen Marine

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From: Review-Journal

“Marine Lance Cpl. Nicholas H. Anderson was killed on Nov. 12, 2004, in Iraq.
Photo by The Associated Press

From: Best of the Web

‘That Guy Is a (Expletive)’
The Las Vegas Review-Journal reports on a Nevada Senate candidate’s botched effort to use the crippled-vet ploy:

Hoping to generate attention for his boss late in an underdog campaign, an aide to Democrat Jack Carter solicited the mother of an Iraq war casualty to appear alongside the Senate candidate at a rally or news conference last week.

But if it was looking for a willing ally, the Carter camp evidently picked the wrong mother.

Eleanor Dachtler of Las Vegas said she was insulted by the overture, which was made in a blind letter that began: “I hope I have reached the right Eleanor Dachtler and that you are the mother of Nick Anderson. If not, please disregard this letter.”

The letter asked if Dachtler would appear with Carter at an event where the candidate would be criticizing the Iraq policy of President Bush and Republican incumbent John Ensign.

Dachtler’s participation could help draw media coverage, she was told. . . .

“I read the letter, and I thought, ‘This guy is a (expletive),’ ” said Dachtler, whose 18-year old son, Nicholas, was killed on Nov. 12, 2004, in the Anbar province. . . .

She said she kept her annoyance to herself until she saw Carter on television with paraplegics at an event to promote stem cell research, similar to the idea his aides had pitched her on Iraq.

“It was almost like he was exploiting these people,” she said.

“Almost like”? Mrs. Dachtler, you have a gift for understatement! Jack Carter, by the way, is the son of the worst president of the latter half of the 20th century.

There’s something especially revolting about the attempt to exploit American servicemen by painting them as victims rather than heroes, a political technique pioneered by John “Botched Joke” Kerry, who told a Senate committee in 1971:

“I called the media. . . . I said, ‘If I take some crippled veterans down to the White House and we chain ourselves to the gates, will we get coverage?’ ‘Oh, yes, we will cover that.’ “

True Entertainment on your XBOX 360

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Today, annnounced that Microsoft is about to implement a new feature for the XBOX 360. This feature will allow XBOX Live users to permanantly download TV show episodes and essentially rent HD movies over the XBOX Live service. The media will download straight to the XBOX 360 hard drive. For more info, visit


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Micheal Scheuer is an ex-CIA agent who recently wrote an op-ed stating that a vote for a Democrat is a vote against security. Scheuer has not been a fan of the president by any means but he realizes that many of the Democrats once elected will be all talk and no action. I have seen Scheuer speak on many occasions including on 60minutes, Fox News and C-SPAN and I believe that he tells it like it is whether it’s what you want to hear or not. It is obvious that he is genuinely concerned about the security of the nation.

Venezuela Against Chavez

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Demonstrators took to the streets of the capital of Venezuela to support Chavez’s opponent. Elections will be held on December 3rd in that country.


Virtual Border Watch

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From: Yahoo