iTunes Is Illegal In Norway

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A Norway court has found iTunes to be anti-competitive because the songs cannot be played on rival players. This is another example of how bad DRM is.

No Format War After All?

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Today, LG shipped it’s first batch of HD-DVD/Blu-ray Disc players to stores across the country. Although it costs, twelve hundred dollars, it is a step in favor of the consumer. Hopefully, this will start a trend that will benefit consumers on both sides in the long run.

Germany Declares Blitzkrieg on Violent Video Games

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Violent video games could be outlawed across the European Union, following calls for a clampdown among E.U. justice ministers this week.

Germany, which took over the six month rotating presidency of the Union at the beginning of this month, is leading the initiative but the European Commission has also been pushing for more control of video game violence.


Senator Sununu On Technology

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Sen. Sununu is about to introduce a bill that would forbid the FCC, read Federal Government, from imposing technical standards and stifling innovation.

I only recently became aware of Sen. Sununu while watching a video of a hearing on C-SPAN’s website. From what I have heard and read he seems to have the most reasonable take on technology of any congressman. It seems that his decisions on this subject can only be described as rational. Rationality is a rare occurrence these days, especially within the political realm.

Politics Before National Security

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According to the Justice Department the 9/11 Commission cannot be sure they had all relevant documents because former National Security Advisor Sandy Berger stole documents from the National Archive.

The DNA so dangerous it does not exist.

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Am I the only one that thinks this could be a really bad idea?
From New Scientist:

“Could there be forbidden sequences in the genome – ones so harmful that they are not compatible with life?…

Whether these sequences have any biological significance in living organisms is not yet known – the next step is to test 20 of the peptoprimes in bacteria and human cells to see whether they have any effect such as causing death or provoking an immune reaction.”