Security Software – Illegal in Germany

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Check out this website in Germany. I was looking for an update to the sniffer I use called KisMac to make sure no one around me is trying to spoof the WiFi hotspot I’m using. They had to leave their country to avoid imprisonment.

Now they are in Switzerland.

The new site has this warning on the download page.

If you are a resident of Germany, we advise that you do not download this software. Doing so is in breach of the new law StGB §202c.

Money and Politics

Filed under:Our Money,Technology — posted by Q Ball on 8/26/2007 @ 2:18 pm is a cool new website which tracks contributions given to politician alongside their voting records. The site also gives information on which companies or industries are in support of each bill. MAPLight does a great job of collecting all of the data into easy to read graphs that anyone can understand. There is also a function that allows a visitor to create a custom graph using any of the available data on the website.

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I recently found a cool blog called They have several good posts on the recent ICE raids of console modders. I will also add this site to our resources section.

ICE Crackdown on Mod-Chips

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ICE (Immigration and Customs Enforcement) was recently involved in a bunch of raids on the makers of mod-chips instead of cracking down on illegal immigrants and preventing possible terrorists from staying inside the country. Mod-chips are used to enhance the functionality of consoles such as the XBOX and Playstation. The government has the citizens’ best interests in hand, honestly.


A victim of the raids has come forward to give his personal account.