iPhone Equipped Passenger Takes On Flight Crew Over Weather

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From: PlaneBuzz

Planebuzz has a story on a passenger who was influenced by iPhone pilot/weather commercial…

“Some guy with an IPhone says the weather is good, and wants to know what the real reason is for the delay. Is something wrong with the plane?”

So, the pilot gets on the PA and responds…

“If the passenger with the IPhone would be kind enough to use it to check the weather at our alternate, calculate our fuel burn due to being rerouted around the storms, call the dispatcher to arrange our release, and then make a phone call to the nearest Air Traffic Control center to arrange our timely departure amongst the other aircraft carrying passengers with IPhones, then we will be more than happy to depart. Please ring your call button to advise the Flight Attendant and your fellow passengers when you deem it ready and responsible for this multi-million dollar aircraft and its passengers to safely leave.”

Huckabee and Norris

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Mike Huckabee can be serious and have fun at the same time.
Via YouTube.

“Shut Up” Quote Is Ringtone Hit

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A week or two ago the Spanish King told Hugo Chavez to shut up after Chavez criticized the former Spanish PM. The quote from the king has become a hit as a ring tone in Spain with around half a million people downloading it.

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image: detail of installation by Bronwyn Lace