From Abu Ghraib to Georgetown

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I’m Back Home, But Still in Iraq’s Grasp

By William Quinn

Sunday, November 11, 2007; Page B01

The only feeling I’ve ever had that was more surreal than arriving in a war zone was returning from one.

I came home on R&R in 2005 after eight months in Iraq. Heading for the baggage claim in Detroit, I watched travelers walking and talking on their cellphones, chatting with friends and acting just the way people had before I’d left for Baghdad. The war didn’t just seem to be taking place in another country; it seemed to be taking place in another universe. There I was, in desert camouflage, wondering how all the intensity, the violence, the tears and the killing of Iraq could really be happening at the same time that all these people were hurrying to catch their flights to Las Vegas or Los Angeles or wherever.


Enviroment Beat

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CBS has put out a job listing for a new reporter to cover the environment, without any knowledge of the subject as a requirement.
Check here for the posting.