Gun-Free Zones Or Killing Fields?

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From: Investors Business Daily

As Northern Illinois University restarts classes this week, one thing is clear: Six minutes proved too long.

It took six minutes before the police were able to enter the classroom that horrible Thursday, and in that short time five people were murdered, 16 wounded.

…as happens time after time in these attacks when uniformed police are there, the killers either wait for the police to leave the area or they are the first people killed. In Kirkwood, the police officer was killed immediately when the attack started. People cowered or were reduced to futilely throwing chairs at the killer.

Just like attacks last year at the Westroads Mall in Omaha, Neb., the Trolley Square Mall in Salt Lake City and the recent attack at the Tinley Park Mall in Illinois, or all the public school attacks, they had one thing in common: They took place in “gun-free zones,” where private citizens were not allowed to carry their guns with them.


Religion of Peace – Words vs Actions

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The Words:
“Fears that Muslims want to introduce Sharia law and make Islam the supreme religion in this country are false and only meant to generate hostility between us and our Christian and Hindu brothers. Islam does not suppress other religions.”

-Kenyan opposition leader Raila Odinga (claims to be Obama’s cousin )

The Actions:
As reported by the Australian in January, a crowd of some 2,000 Kenyans attacked Christians in Eldoret, a community about 300 kilometers west of Nairobi, where the Christians were being hunted down by machete-wielding assailants and hid inside pit latrines and fled for refuge to the community’s Assemblies of God Christian church.

The crowd set fire to the church, terrifying the hundreds of family members outside who listened to victims’ screams as flames engulfed them.

According to Red Cross witnesses, about 50 died in the attack.

In recent years, a number of Islamic attacks on Christian churches have been reported in Kenya, where the population of some 30 million is about 85 percent Christian and only about 15 percent Muslim.

Islamic violence in Kenya broke out once again in the aftermath of the disputed Dec. 27 election.


Disk Encryption Not Secure

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From: Wired

Researchers with Princeton University and the Electronic Frontier Foundation have found a flaw that renders disk encryption systems useless if an intruder has physical access to your computer — say in the case of a stolen laptop or when a computer is left unattended on a desktop in sleep mode or while displaying a password prompt screen.

Feds Suspend Security Checks at Obama Rally

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From: UPI

DALLAS, Feb. 21 (UPI) — The Secret Service told Dallas police to stop screening for weapons while people were still arriving at a campaign rally for Barack Obama, a report said.

… Several Dallas police officers — speaking on condition of anonymity because the order came from federal officers — told the newspaper it was worrying to see so many people get it without even a cursory inspection.

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Flying Police Robots Over Miami

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Thats right. Miami Police are going to deploy hovering UAVs a la Dark Angel and Minority Report. Finally, something I can shoot down with my shot gun that PETA wont give me grief over.

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Honeybees Disappearing by the Billions

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The phenomenon is recent, dating back to autumn, when beekeepers along the east coast of the US started to notice the die-offs. It was given the name of fall dwindle disease, but now it has been renamed to reflect better its dramatic nature, and is known as colony collapse disorder.

It is swift in its effect. Over the course of a week the majority of the bees in an affected colony will flee the hive and disappear, going off to die elsewhere. The few remaining insects are then found to be enormously diseased – they have a “tremendous pathogen load”, the scientists say. But why? No one yet knows.

… the few bees left inside the hive were carrying “a tremendous number of pathogens” – virtually every known bee virus could be detected in the insects, she said, and some bees were carrying five or six viruses at a time, as well as fungal infections. Because of this it was assumed that the bees’ immune systems were being suppressed in some way.

“It may be that the honeybee has become the victim of these insecticides that are meant for other pests,” he said. “If we don’t figure this out real quick, it’s going to wipe out our food supply.”

Just a few miles down the sunlit road, it is easy to find farmers prepared to agree with his gloomy assessment.

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The Falling Man

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The Falling Man

September 11, 2001

72 minutes.

The Savagery Of The Enemy

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DISCLAIMER: Graphic Video

Here is a video of Islamofascists burning people alive!

A Wise and Frugal Government

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“[A] wise and frugal government… shall restrain men from injuring one another, shall leave them otherwise free to regulate their own pursuits of industry and improvement, and shall not take from the mouth of labor the bread it has earned.” —Thomas Jefferson

Athletes Silenced On Chinese Government

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British athletes have been asked to sign a contract stating they will not criticize the communist government if selected to go to the Olympics.

The move – which raises the spectre of the order given to the England football team to give a Nazi salute in Berlin in 1938 – immediately provoked a storm of protest.

I couldn’t agree more. My only question is: Why was China selected to host at all?


American Woman Arrested in Riyadh Starbucks

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From: Sonia Verma – Fox

Two weeks before Yara, an American businesswoman, was arrested by Saudi Arabia’s religious police for sitting with a male colleague at Starbucks, she said she strolled past the very same cafe with another businessman: Neil Bush.

Bush, President George W. Bush’s younger brother and CEO of the education software company Ignite!, was in the Saudi capital, Riyadh, speaking at an economic forum hosted by King Abdullah for hundreds of influential business leaders.

Yara, who does not want her last name revealed because of safety concerns, is a managing partner at a Saudi financial company. She went to hear Bush speak, and she said she invited him later to tour her company’s offices, to give him a sense of what life was really like for women living in the capital.

“I was boasting about Riyadh, telling him it doesn’t deserve its bad reputation,” she said. “I told him I never experienced any harassment. I’d had no trouble as a woman. It was business as usual.”

But on Monday, Yara learned that she had been wrong. She was thrown in jail, strip-searched, threatened and forced to sign false confessions by the kingdom’s “Mutaween” police.

“When I was arrested, it was like going through an avalanche,” she said. “All of my beliefs were completely destroyed.”

Yara’s crime: sitting with a male business partner in the “family-only” section of the Starbucks — the only area of the café where women and men can sit together. In Saudi Arabia, public contact between unrelated men and women is strictly prohibited.


The Case for Disunity

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From: Susan Dunn – Washington Post

Why political unity is not such a great idea.

 What Obama and others, captivated by the notion of unity, could reasonably promise is not national unity but simply unity within the Democratic Party or within the Republican Party. For Republicans and Democrats do not and should not agree. Different, competing visions of the public good are the lifeblood of a dynamic and open democracy. They strengthen our democracy, engage citizens in meaningful political debate and keep us awake.

When tumult is absent, when everyone in a state is tranquil, Machiavelli wrote, “we can be sure that it is not a republic.” Out of unity, Obama believes, change will somehow emerge. But only insignificant or incremental changes can come out of the compromises that are reached through consensus. Transformational change, on the other hand, is the product of conflict and polarization.


Big Brother Is Here To Help

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England has just installed several cameras in a park that have speakers connected to them, so that operators may tell off people who are behaving in an “anti-social” manner.

“We are not in a police state, we are in a democracy and people understand we are doing it for their safety. This will help make these places safe.”

Sounds like the beginning of a police state to me. It is the responsibility of each individual in this world to make sure they survive and live until the next day. In the very rare case that a person is attacked they must be ready to defend themselves. If nothing else, run away.
By the way on the scale of democracies England falls below the United States and if we in the US are not careful this could happen here.

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