Dutch YouTube Posters Say ‘Sorry’ for Fitna

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The quote below is from a Wired Blog. The comments are much more interesting than the post it’s self.

Hundreds of Dutch citizens have uploaded videos to YouTube showing themselves holding signs with apologies for the film. In other anti-Fitna clips, the subjects simply say the words, “I’m sorry.”

Jordanians Protest Against Fitna

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From:Radio Netherlands

Jordanians protest against Fitna

Published: Sunday 30 March 2008 20:00 UTC
Last updated: Sunday 30 March 2008 20:53 UTC

Amman – Following the release of Geert Wilders’ film Fitna, a group of 53 Jordanian MPs have delivered a petition to their government in Amman, demanding that it break all diplomatic ties with the Netherlands. They also want the Dutch ambassador expelled from the country. The Jordanian parliament consists of 110 members, 60 of whom were present when the petition was delivered.


Fitna Wikipedia page.

Fitna the Movie: Geert Wilders’ film about the Quran

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Fitna the Movie: Geert Wilders’ film about the Quran (English)

This contains disturbing images. Watch it anyway.

The cowards over at Network Solutions pulled the Filmmakers website. Glen Beck talks about it.

UPDATE (3-31-08) LiveLeak pulled the film because of threats. Here is a link to YouTube. We’ll see how long YouTube can hold out.

Obama and the “Race” Card

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From: WSJ

…Race helps Mr. Obama in another way — it lifts his political campaign to the level of allegory, making it the stuff of a far higher drama than budget deficits and education reform. His dark skin, with its powerful evocations of America’s tortured racial past, frames the political contest as a morality play. Will his victory mean America’s redemption from its racist past? Will his defeat show an America morally unevolved? Is his campaign a story of black overcoming, an echo of the civil rights movement? Or is it a passing-of-the-torch story, of one generation displacing another?


Iraq war disappears as TV story

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From MiamiHerald.com

It’s possible to pinpoint the exact week that the switch turned off. The war averaged 30 minutes per week of coverage last year on the three network evening newscasts up until Gen. David Petraeus, commander of the U.S. forces, testified in September about the surge’s progress, according to news consultant Andrew Tyndall. In the last 15 weeks of the year, the broadcasts collectively spent four minutes per week on the war.

The Politics of Cigars

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From: Kinky Friedman via Texas Monthly

…The combined might of our government appears capable only of criminalizing trivia. You’d think George Washington crossed the Delaware expressly to keep Winston Churchill, Mark Twain, and Groucho Marx at least twenty feet away from the entrance to Katz’s Deli.

…I respect anyone with genuine intentions regarding the welfare of all people. What I object to are officious little hall monitors who use health as a smoke screen to promote their agenda and themselves. What I want these people to put in their pipes is this: Spain, Israel, Japan, Italy, France, and Greece all have more smokers per capita than the U.S. They also have longer life expectancies than we do. What can we conclude from this? Speaking English is killing us!


Armed Student Stops Terrorist

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From: WorldNetDaily

A gun rights organization in the United States is accusing the media of trying to conceal the fact that a gunman who attacked students at Jerusalem’s Mercaz Harav seminary was stopped by an armed student at the school.

Authorities report that Ytizhak Dadon, 40, was a “private citizen who had a gun license and was able to shoot the gunman with his pistol,” according to a statement released today by the Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms.

In its earlier reporting on the tragedy, WND confirmed, “One terrorist reportedly was shot to death by a student who was armed…”


Mexican Flag Flown Above US Flag in Reno

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The Mexican flag was flown above the US flag at a Mexican restaurant in Reno NV, but not for long. Our thanks to veteran Jim Broussard for setting things right with the help of his KA-BAR.

We Sleep Safe in Our Beds

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We sleep safe in our beds because rough men stand ready in the night to visit violence on those who would do us harm. – George Orwell

Crazy Liquid

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I find this fascinating, via the Technology Liberation Front: