Ubiquity Firefox Application

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Mozilla has just released a new application for Firefox called Ubiquity. Its main goal is to make all the stuff on the web easier to use and combine. Check out the video:

Ubiquity for Firefox from Aza Raskin on Vimeo.

The usefulness and power of the web continues to amaze me.

China – “Re-Education Through Labor”

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All these people did was “apply” for permission to demonstrate. Now they get to spend a year at a labor camp. I wonder if that “camp” has canoes and sing-a-longs? It’s probably nothing like a prison.

From: Reuters

…petitioners Wu Dianyuan, 79, and Wang Xiuying, 77, were sentenced to one year of “re-education through labor” after repeatedly applying to demonstrate in areas set aside for protests during the Games, Human Rights in China said.

“In China, as in other countries, applications for demonstrations must go through legal procedures,” the Foreign Ministry’s Qin said when asked about the two petitioners.

None of dozens of applications to protest has been approved.

Russia vs. Georgia Cyberwar Continues

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From Yahoo

Attacks by Russian hackers against Georgian Web sites, including one hosted in the United States, continued Tuesday even as Russian President Dmitri Medvedev ordered a halt to hostilities against Georgia.

Incompetent Photographer at Olympics

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One of the first things you learn in photo class is to focus on the MOST important feature in the frame. Clearly this photographer skipped that class. Although the guy in the center (also a photographer)  doesn’t have his camera in-hand, he clearly is aware of the real subject in this image. Oh yeah, that’s President Bush with the water bottle.

Publisher Enables Terrorism

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Random House has decided to forgo publishing a book about Mohamed’s love life for fear that it will spark violence and riots from Muslims. I thought Islam was the religion of peace.

Via Rueters:

“In this instance we decided, after much deliberation, to postpone publication for the safety of the author, employees of Random House, booksellers and anyone else who would be involved in distribution and sale of the novel,” Perry said.

In other words, just like Comedy Central, you have self-censored yourself and proved to everyone just what kind of cowards you are. Reporters in this country will publish the names of undercover agents in the name of the First Amendment but when it comes to Islam no one dares mention anything after the “cartoon controversy”.

Time Defends Obama’s Tire Gauge Energy Plan

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It must be nice to have  the likes of Time and CNN running interference for your campaign. Obama doesn’t need to justify his ridiculous statements, that’s the press’s job, the impartial and independent press, isn’t it?

In this story from Time there is not a single quote from the Obama camp. It must save a lot of time when a reporter doesn’t actually have to do any reporting. Just take a position supporting your candidate and write about how his opposition is a bunch of whiners and Oil Company lackeys. No where in that piece is there any mention that it is an editorial or an opinion piece. In fact I linked to it from Yahoo under the US News category and sure enough that’s where it resides on the Time website, US news.

Do they even have editors over at Time? Do you suppose there is any oversight at all?  I kind of expect a “news” story to have “facts” supported by “quotes” from “experts” or “spokesmen” or perhaps even a “candidate” or two. Apparently the Journalisim school this guy went to didn’t teach that part. Or perhaps he didnt even go to journalisim school, maybe all you need to get a job at Time is your voter registration card stamped “Democrat”. That or a letter of recomendation from Dan Rather.

Democracy In The Dark

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Earlier today the House Democrats adjourned for the day and the Speaker decided to turn the lights, mics and C-SPAN cameras off. The Republicans were not done and decided to continue the debate on the House floor in the dark.

Via The Politico:

“This is the people’s House,” said Rep. Thaddeus McCotter (R-Mich.). “This is not Pelosi’s politiburo.”

Democratic aides were furious at the GOP stunt, and reporters were kicked out of the Speaker’s Lobby, the space next to the House floor where they normally interview lawmakers.

“You’re not covering this, are you?” complained one senior Democratic aide. Another called the Republicans “morons” for staying on the floor.

Update: This video was posted by Congressman John Culberson to his Qik profile:

This video may change as the Congressman adds more videos.