Southwest Tests In-flight WiFi

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From: Wired

Southwest customers over the next few months onboard the Wi-Fi enabled aircrafts will be offered on board instruction sheets on how to log on. And it will be free during the test period. Cellular technology will not work with the Wi-Fi service, says Southwest.


New Stimulus Watch Website

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A new website was just launched to keep an eye on all the projects proposed in the new “stimulus” bill. The website is designed to allow people to comment on whether or not a local project is worthy of the money and if the project is being managed adequately. People can vote for or against certain projects.

Islam Trumps Justice in Netherlands

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A member of the Dutch Parliament is to be prosecuted for hate crimes for making a film critical of Islam. Here is Pat Condell’s response.

Dutch MP to be charged…

“America Last Man Standing” – Speech by Geert Wilders…

Decision to prosecute is political…