Brain-Dead Conservatives Obsessed with ‘Freedom’

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Satire from: Pajamas Media

Conservative arguments against President Obama are becoming increasingly silly. They oppose Obama rescuing businesses despite all the jobs on the line, they’re against government taking control of health care from soulless insurance companies, and they oppose increased taxes on energy consumption despite the sorry state of the environment. And why do they oppose these most sensible actions? Because of their irrational, brain-dead obsession with liberty

…Liberty doesn’t feed your family. Liberty doesn’t heal you when you’re sick. Liberty doesn’t educate your children. A strong government can do all those things, but apparently that’s against liberty.

… Most of the civilized world has moved beyond this uncompromising view of “freedom” — if they were ever foolish enough to adopt it in the first place. Can you think of any other country that would permit its citizens to have guns like America does? Of course not; that’s beyond moronic. People know freedom is a dangerous, scary thing, and you have to be careful how much you tolerate.

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A Mosque Grows in Tucson

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I drove past a mosque in downtown Tucson this week. There is an 18th century Spanish Mission about 9 miles away and the mosque, which appears to have a prefab fiberglass dome, is right next to a big catholic church. I can imagine some factory overseas where they turn out fiberglass mosque domes by the hundreds.

Seeing this unexpected island of Islam surrounded by a sea of Catholicism made me think how angry the hundreds of millions of true believers of Islam must be at Osama. If he had not been so anxious to bring about jihad, the steady and inevitable spread of Islam would have gone on mostly unnoticed by the work-a-day world.

The following conversation took place before the collapse of the Soviet Union and long before the “War on Terror”.

From Confessions of an Economic Hit Man, p 52. John Perkins is speaking with a woman in Indonesia.

“But why should there be such animosity between Muslims and Christians?” I asked. … “Because,” she said …”the West—especially its leader, the U.S.—is determined to take control of all the world, to become the greatest empire in history. It has already gotten very close to succeeding. The Soviet Union currently stands in its way, but the Soviets will not endure. Toynbee* could see that. They have no religion, no faith, no substance behind their ideology. History demonstrates that faith—soul, a belief in higher powers—is essential. We Muslims have it. We have it more than anyone else in the world, even more than the Christians. So we wait. We grow strong.” *Reference to Arnold Toynbee’s Civilization on Trial and The World and the West.

Cyberbully Bill Gets Cold Reception in the House

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Finally something the on the Internet Congress doesn’t want to control. Probably because they realize this would put most of the Huffington Post Bloggers in jail.

From: Threat Level

Proposed legislation demanding up to two years in prison for electronic speech meant to “coerce, intimidate, harass, or cause substantial emotional distress to a person” was met with little enthusiasm by a House subcommittee on Wednesday.