Afghanistan – Where is the F***ing Air?

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This is bull shit. Americans and coalition forces are dying because McChrystal and Obama want to win a PR war. If a Taliban sniper takes up a position in your mud hut and you don’t run out the back and hide in a ditch, you are the enemy and your mud hut is enemy infrastructure.
Solution? Apply liberal amounts of US air power and adios sniper, adios mud hut, adios goat-herding Taliban sympathizers. The Marines shoot everyone that stumbles out of the smoke with a weapon and voila. Otherwise bring everyone home right now! Then later if we need to we can follow the corporal Hicks protocol from Aliens, ” dust off and nuke the site from orbit, it’s the only way to be sure.”

From: Wired

…with a single stroke, McChrystal took the US’s biggest technological advantage off the table. The military would have to make do without one of its most potent weapons.
It hasn’t been easy. While accidental civilian deaths dropped by 87 percent in the eight weeks following the order, American fatalities have more than doubled from 2008 levels.

…While the debate rages in Washington, the Marines on the ground are mostly on their own. Even with Paz’s squad being attacked from three sides, a bombing run is not automatic. The Marines not only have to prove that civilians won’t be hurt, they also must guarantee that the bombs won’t so much as scratch civilian homes.

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Another Muslim Hijacking Dry Run?

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This is alleged to have happened on an AirTrans flight from Atlanta to Houston just after push-back. If true, it is unbelievable. The email from Tedd  Petruna that started this is bouncing all over the Internet.  I received a copy today.

From: Debbie Schlussel

I begin with the caveat that I don’t know whether or not this is true.  However, it certainly sounds like it is, and the guy-Tedd J. Petruna of NASA–has his e-mail address and home and work phone numbers plastered all over the internet as does his friend, A. Gene Hackemack, who sent this out.  I’m glad he did.  People need to know about this stuff, which the FBI, TSA, and every other fed in the alphabet soup of the “We’re Here to Help You” Souffle is trying to keep under wraps.  I think it’s probably true.


Another Day In Afghanistan

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From: USASOC News

“The fire came from our 12 o’clock and then maybe a couple of seconds later from our right and left,” Norton said.

Behind the first enemy rocket-propelled grenade team, a medium machine gun on elevated ground to the northwest engaged them with highly effective fire. Two more enemy combatants were on the slope of the valley to the west, engaged the Ranger squad with an AK-47 and rocket-propelled grenades along the long axis of their formation, while another group of enemy fighters were on elevated terrain to the east, raked them with small arms fire from the rear of the Ranger squad formation.

The multiple enemy positions had effectively enveloped Norton’s squad from multiple directions at a distance of 25 to 50 meters, leaving Norton and his element pinned to the floor of the valley by the intense and accurate small arms fire.