The Future of Nano-Electric Power Generation

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Man Fined $5K for Home Garden

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His neighbors call it “Cabbagegate.” And it cost Steve Miller a lot of green. The Clarkston, Ga., man was fined $5,200 for growing too many vegetables in his backyard.

Miller had been growing legumes for 15 years, selling them at local farmers markets and giving them away to friends, before he was cited by the Dekalb County Code Enforcement office for the first time last September. It’s illegal to garden at such a level in the zone where he lives. Miller tried to challenge the penalty, but a reprieve was slow in coming, and the fight’s not over.

“Time went on, but no answers, then I get a letter in the mail with more fines,” he told AOL News. “Didn’t get an answer back from the county until I started getting notices from code enforcement in October, and before I knew it I got a subpoena to go to court.”

After a long legal battle, Miller successfully rezoned his land. But despite that victory, the county is still fining him for all of his illicit vegetables, and even for hiring workers to weed the fallow land after he stopped working it.

Miller runs a relatively large operation for a backyard gardener — about one and a quarter acres in production with crops like celery, tomatoes, lettuce, Swiss chard, beets, cilantro, carrots and, of course, cabbage. He peddles his harvests at farmers markets, but doesn’t always turn a profit. And it’s far from his main occupation. Miller is a landscaper by trade.

“It’s not my source of income, it’s my passion,” he said. “If it were my main source of income, I’d have to sell my house.”

Educators: Teach them how to think, not what to think

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by Eric J. Andringa

“What is this country coming to? My 13-year-old son told me today that the Cross he wears on a chain around his neck is not allowed to be visible while he is at school.

Needless to say I became completely unglued. I ordered, yes ordered, him to wear that chain around his neck in plain sight.

I instructed him that if any member of the faculty says anything, that he is to give them my cell phone number. Now I wait with baited breath.

When I get that call I will burn rubber to get there and in their faces. They are going to get a rant about how two of my son’s Great Grandfathers fought and were wounded in WW I, how his grandfathers served in WW II and Korea, his Uncle was killed in a firefight in Vietnam, and his cousin was severely wounded in Iraq.

His ancestors made these sacrifices to grant my son, and theirs, freedom of religion. I’ll be damned if some politically-correct bleeding heart liberal commie pinko will take that right away from my son.

Here is the bottom line: what educators do is extremely important. Perhaps one of the MOST important jobs out there. They are training the future doctors, lawyers, scientists, engineers, etc. etc. and Leaders.

Therefore we have the right, no make that the responsibility, to expect excellence from our educators. Part of that excellence is fair, balanced, objective instruction.

Teach them how to think, not what to think.”

Note: this is not about promoting or protecting Christianity, or any particular religion, it is about protecting freedom of religion – or the freedom to have NO religion. Educators should not suppress crosses, nor should they suppress Buddhist, Muslim, Jewish or atheistic symbols.

Freedom in Egypt, but only for Muslims

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From: Islamic War Against the West

CAIRO — “On her first day to school, 15-year-old Christian student Ferial Habib was stopped at the doorstep of her new high school with clear instructions: either put on a headscarf or no school this year.

Habib refused. While most Muslim women in Egypt wear the headscarf, Christians do not, and the move by administrators to force a Christian student to don it was unprecedented. For the next two weeks, Habib reported to school in the southern Egyptian village of Sheik Fadl every day in her uniform, without the head covering, only to be turned back by teachers.

One day, Habib heard the school loudspeakers echoing her name and teachers with megaphones leading a number of students in chants of “We don’t want Ferial here,” the teenager told The Associated Press.”…

You have the right to know what’s in your food: tell the FDA to label GMO food products

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So, let me get this straight: the FDA sends SWAT teams in to shut down dairy farmers selling raw milk, but they’re fine with letting Genetically Modified food flood our grocery stores? Something very wrong here.

Energy Department Scrambles to Play Down Pelosi Link to $737M Loan

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“The Obama administration is furiously trying to play down links between House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi and a giant new $737 million loan guarantee for a green energy project in Nevada.

Pelosi’s brother-in-law, Ronald Pelosi, is second-in-command at Pacific Corporate Group, one of the main investors in the solar-thermal Crescent Dunes project now under construction in the Nevada desert.

The well-connected 76-year-old only joined the company in the spring, three years after it invested in SolarReserve, the parent company behind the Crescent Dunes plan, said the Chronicle.