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Feds Want Way to Hack Xboxes and Wiis for Evidence

Posted by 3wire on April 9th, 2012

From: Threat Watch The Department of Homeland Security has launched a research project to find ways to hack into gaming consoles to obtain sensitive information about gamers stored on the devices. One of the first contracts for the project was awarded last week to Obscure Technologies, based in California, to devise a forensic tool that […]

EFF urged a federal court to block Microsoft Corporation’s attempt to misuse copyright law to thwart a competitor offering memory cards for the Xbox gaming system. Microsoft claims that Xbox users violate U.S. federal law — the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) — if they use third-party cards memory cards, such as those produced by […]

Tribute to a Fallen Comrade

Posted by 3wire on April 14th, 2011

From: Back in the 90’s, I was in a band called Zone R. It was a RnB/rap outfit that had some small success playing mostly friend’s birthday parties. Haha. We were pretty bad, but we had a lot of fun. Our bassist was a cool Samoan cat called Dirk. He was the best part […]

Sony to Get PS3 Hacker’s PayPal Records

Posted by 3wire on March 16th, 2011

From: Threat Level A federal magistrate said Sony may subpoena the PayPal account of PlayStation 3 hacker George Hotz, as the gamemaker ratchets up its civil lawsuit against the man who released the first full-fledged PS3 jailbreak in the console’s four-year history. Tuesday’s order came two weeks after Magistrate Joseph Spero in San Francisco granted […]

She Don’t Like Firefly

Posted by 3wire on March 16th, 2011

What happens when you have the perfect girlfriend (“Spent all weekend naked play’n Halo 3”) in every single way, except she doesn’t like Firefly? Dump her. Then write a song about it.

Dragon Gaming Speech

Posted by 3wire on December 9th, 2010

From: Nuance Dragon Gaming Speech Pack Adding voice control to today’s most popular PC games brings the gaming experience to a new level of intensity. Just bark out intuitive commands like release target, lay down, get out, up the ante, fly backwards – and hundreds more! Used together with the included Dragon NaturallySpeaking Home software, […]

Why Gore would censor “South Park”

Posted by 3wire on November 5th, 2010

Censorship, whether its speech, TV, movies, or games is just about one thing, control. Gee that sounds like a line from the Matrix doesn’t it? Before Gore was trying to control your greenhouse gases he wanted to control your TV. Don’t think he is a scary madman? How’s this for a quote, “the link between […]

Supreme Court Hears Violent Video Game Case Tomorrow

Posted by Jack on November 1st, 2010

“with the Supreme Court set to hear arguments tomorrow for California’s controversial law aimed at keeping violent games away from minors, support for gamers and the games industry is coming from all corners. Writing for PCMag, Lance Ulanoff says the decision should rest in parents’ hands: “If I have real concerns, it’s up to me […]

Walking Dead Mini Series

Posted by 3wire on September 17th, 2010

Based on the comic.

IFF/Blue Force Tracker for iPhone

Posted by 3wire on August 26th, 2010

From: Danger Room …a Hungarian company specializing in GPS tracking, has an app that functions as a makeshift version of Blue Force Tracker, the tech the U.S. military uses to map its friends and foes. That basically turns your iPhone into Land Warrior, the digital mapping-and-communications ensemble that the Army has been trying to roll […]

Modern Ethical Videogames

Posted by Q Ball on August 9th, 2010

Today I read this preview of a game called Operation Flashpoint: Red River and I really liked what the guy from the game studio said. The game is supposed to take place in the modern day. He was talking about multiplayer and how he did not think that it was ethical to have the “player” […]

More Reach from E3

Posted by 3wire on June 15th, 2010

I can’t wait.

Bungie at E3

Posted by 3wire on June 14th, 2010

Bungie Dudes at E3.  I think those Reach figures might be bigger than the ones that come with the game.

From: Chris Gaylord “Portal 2” has been delayed. Why? “Making games is hard.”That’s the tongue-in-cheek announcement from Valve Software, the video game’s developer. The company reports Wednesday that Portal 2 will not be done in time to make its scheduled “holiday season 2010” release date. Expect the hotly anticipated sequel to arrive in 2011. Valve’s […]

AIX Battlefield 2 Mod

Posted by 3wire on March 25th, 2010

Wolverine Too Violent?

Posted by 3wire on May 20th, 2009

From:Game|Life Barely 15 minutes into the new Wolverine videogame, I am ankle-deep in carnage. I have filleted soldiers straight up the center, like fish; I have spun in a pirouette of death, decapitating anyone and everyone an arms’-breadth away. And I’ve grabbed enemies by the neck, hoisting them aloft and stabbing them repeatedly — crick, […]

More evidence that Video Games can improve health

Posted by Maverick on March 30th, 2009

According to a study published in Nature Neuroscience, playing games can improve your vision. Far from being harmful to eyesight, as some had feared, action games such as Counter-Strike, Call of Duty, or Left 4 Dead provide excellent training for what eye doctors call contrast sensitivity, the study found. Contrast sensitivity is the ability to […]

Nazis As Virtual Monsters

Posted by Q Ball on November 15th, 2008

I just finished reading a very interesting article at Ars Technica in which the author discusses the the way we view history through the eyes of video games. In the new Call of Duty game the “bad guys” are the Nazis. When referring to World War II we separate Nazis and Germans. The author takes […]

Responsible Gamers

Posted by Q Ball on July 31st, 2008

In 2003 the nonprofit organization Child’s Play was created by gamers in response to wild accusations that video games only hurt children. The organization is dedicated to making a child’s visit the the hospital more comfortable by donating money and games to hospitals around the world. Many other examples of charitable organizations formed around video […]


Posted by 3wire on June 2nd, 2008

TomCat gets SCAR-L trigger time at the National Defense Industrial Association (NDIA) live fire event.