Tribute to a Fallen Comrade

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Back in the 90’s, I was in a band called Zone R. It was a RnB/rap outfit that had some small success playing mostly friend’s birthday parties. Haha. We were pretty bad, but we had a lot of fun. Our bassist was a cool Samoan cat called Dirk. He was the best part of the band. No one I met could play bass like that man. He was astoundingly good. He was also one of the scariest people you could ever imagine. He looked like he had been through a million bar fights but underneath he was a teddy bear.He was in a local gang that used to shake down school kids so they could get coins to play Tekken at the Arcade. He hated doing it but his friends thought they were hardcore street thugs. Dirk broke away from them to pursue his dream of becoming a Veterinarian. He did that. It cost him his childhood friends but it meant he could rise above and provide for his family. He inspired his sister to also go to University. He was a leader and a hero to me when I too was lost. We met playing Tekken. I needed a bassist, he wanted to play.

He died today after a long fight with cancer. And I miss him. I love him and I know he would have loved to have seen a day when all of us were doing what we truly love with the courage to go for our dreams.

For you Dirk, Your friend forever, G.


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