Chicago Six Flags sponsoring “Muslim Family Day” – the day after 9/11

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MUSLIM DAY AT SIX FLAGS is being sponsored by the Islamic Circle of North America which openly supports HAMAS and Hezbollah and refuses to condemn them. It has been under investigation for fund-raising for and money laundering to Islamic terrorist groups.

Six Flags tells its employees: “Out of respect (to Islam), we request the employees wear their uniform pants, instead of their shorts ”no matter how hot it is”.

Better get used to it: your lives are going to change more and more as we are pushed into showing “respect” for Islam. Muslims in the Netherlands pressured cities to force construction workers to stop wearing shorts, too, because it “offended” them.

Well, it offends me that they would have the gall to put on a special Muslim celebration the day after 9/11. They are not shy about voicing their outrage over the slightest perceived insult, why should we sit quietly and let them insult the memory of those murdered by Islamic Purists?

It offends me that Somalian Muslim taxi drivers refuse service to Minnesotans who have alcohol in their bag.

It offends me that a Muslim bus driver in the UK refused to let a blind man on the bus because his guide dog is “unclean”.

It offends me that a Muslim father in Texas killed his teen-aged daughters because they dared to show affection for non-Muslim boys and wear -gasp- sweat pants.

It offends me that my kind, dedicated friends had to leave the Indonesian island of Sulawesi because they were afraid they would be killed for not being Muslim.

It offends me that CAIR tires to intimidate, bully and suppress anyone in the US who is critical of Islam.

It offends me that Islam treats women like property – and that they have intimidated NOW, that out-spoken advocate of women’s rights, to shut up and not make waves.

It offends me that Islam has intimidated people like Penn Jillette to not call “Bullshit” when he sees it, because he’s afraid someone will hurt his kids.

It offends me that Islam was able to even shut up the irreverent smart asses who created SouthPark.

It offends me that the violence of Islam appears to be working.

It offends me that Islam kills people who try to leave Islam.

It offends me that Islam advocates killing gay people.

If offends me that Islam says the hands of thieves should be cut off.

It offends me that Islam says that anyone who does not believe their Koran, does not “submit” to Allah, should be either converted, subjected to oppressive taxation and treated like dirt (dhimmi), or killed.

It offends me that Islam calls Jewish people “pigs” and “apes”

“Out of respect (to Islam), we request the employees wear their uniform pants”?!

“Out of respect”?!!

Frak that!

I don’t respect Islam. In my opinion, because of it’s violent, oppressive teachings it is not worthy of respect. It is an ideology that teaches violence, oppression and hate. If you don’t believe that, then you have not read the Koran. As an American I am willing to tolerate an awful lot. I am not willing to tolerate a group that wants to tear down my country, however. Or a group that demonstrates intolerance – and teaches their children to do the same.

I don’t want to tolerate a group that teaches that it is not only OK, but a good thing, to deceive people who don’t believe what you believe, in order to strengthen their own power base. I don’t want to tolerate a group that punishes its followers with death if they choose to leave and follow another religious belief.

Don’t get me wrong: I don’t hate Muslims. I don’t lump all Muslims into the same toxic box. The thing is, all the nominal, “moderate” Muslims, who are just going about their lives, raising families, trying to follow their idea of God, well, they are pretty much irrelevant in terms of any kind of threat – except that they provide a powerful base for those Muslims who are truly dedicated to the Koran, those Muslims who take seriously the passages that encourage violent treatment of non-Muslims.

Good-hearted, naive, Americans object to any talk of a threat from Islam. “We are not at war with Islam”. Well, maybe not – but Islam is at war with us, and if you think that is hyperbole or Islamophobia, then you have not taken the time to read the Koran and understand what it is really about.

How do you think that kind of war would play out? A war where one side says, “We will destroy you” and the other side says, “We are not at war”. If you had to make a bet, who do you think would win that one?

Islam does not respect nice people. It uses nice people to get what it wants: more control and power. Then it threatens those nice people with death or makes them pay outrageous taxes as “unbelievers”. (as long as you’re reading the Koran, go ahead and read up on what a “dhimmi” is – Google it, Wikipedia it. Just don’t fall for any of the taqiyya that’s rampant out there on the Net).

Islam is not willing to live and let live. It does not have a good track record – and I’m not just talking about ancient history. That violent intolerance is borne out in story after story after story – nearly every week – of Muslim groups burning down churches and killing people who do not agree with them. Islam is willing to bide its time, though, to stay under the radar until it gradually builds up a power base. Islam will not make waves until it quietly builds up enough numbers to demand what it wants – and guess what, it’s not Baseball, Mom, and Apple Pie.

People say, “No, no, no! You have to let them build their mosques! What about religious freedom? If you limit that, then the terrorists have won!” I hope this doesn’t hurt anyone’s feelings, but those people don’t really know what they’re talking about. If they build their mosques, bully our citizens, push their way in and bring their toxic ideology into our schools and neighborhoods, if they succeed in deceiving us into believing that Islam is not a threat, until they gain the political, financial and social power they need to impose Sharia Law – THEN the terrorists have won.

Read the Koran. Read what it teaches Muslims about how to treat non-Muslims. People talk about “hate speech”, well, I hate it when someone teaches others to kill someone just because they choose not to believe, or because they decide they don’t want to be a Muslim anymore. I hate it when men throw acid on little girls because they are going to school.

I have freedom – but I don’t have freedom to harm others. Islam has, does and will harm others who do not submit. It truly IS a religion of Peace – as long as you join up, convert, and submit. Think I’m nuts? Think I’m over-reacting? Again, read the Koran, read the Hadiths, read the Sura.

What remains when all who disagree are suppressed or killed is a kind of Peace: all the survivors agree – until someone disagrees. Then they are suppressed and Peace is restored.

If you value religious freedom, true diversity, then promoting and protecting Islam is the very last thing you should be doing. The stronger Islam gets, the less freedom other religions will have. This has played out over and over and over, all around the globe, and it is starting here.

In our country, any dissent against Islam is already being repressed: through ridicule, mockery and insults (not to mention threats of litigation).

To those who say we need to respect all religions:

Respect? What respect did Islam show Buddhism when it destroyed Buddhist sculptures that were hundreds (thousands?) of years old? It should not surprise anyone, though: Islam does not tolerate idols. It did not see those sculptures as cultural treasures to be protected and respected – it destroyed them as an affront to Allah, because they were “idols”.

Anything that doesn’t comply with the Koran is to be destroyed. Read the book, dammit, see for yourself.

Is that worthy of respect? Cutting off a girl’s nose and ears because she eloped with a married man – is that worthy of respect? Stoning a woman because she was accused of having an affair – is that worthy of respect? Gathering a mob to burn down a church, with people in it – is that worthy of respect?

Here’s a religious quote for you: “Judge a tree by its fruit.” We’re seeing a lot of bloody fruit hanging from the tree of Islam. I don’t want that tree growing in my town and I don’t think I’m alone in feeling that way. Americans are generally nice, friendly people and that is being used against us, which makes it all the more offensive to me, and insulting. I reject it. I will not call it a good thing, I will not put it in the same category as the kind souls who follow Buddha – or even the outspoken, rational atheists.

And I’m not falling for the, “You have to accept it because it’s a religion” ploy. Go peddle your taqiyya somewhere else, I’m not buying it. Just because an ideology cloaks itself in the guise of religion does not mean that it is good.

The Nazis believed in God, too. They had a religion. I once saw a Nazi SS dagger with the words, “Gott mit uns” engraved on the blade: “God with us”. They believed in their version of God. As clever, some would even say brilliant, as they were, it just never occurred to them to emigrate to the US, start building Nazi churches and teaching their children (in German so no one would notice) to overthrow the US.

If they had, there would have been crowds of well-meaning, idealistic Liberals rushing to support them, clamoring for tolerance and understanding and “Freedom of Religion”. Too bad for the Nazis that they didn’t think of that, their empire might have lasted longer. Violence is not the only way to win a war. Some very clever, very influential Muslim leaders understand this better than Hitler ever could have.

Yeah, yeah, I know: everybody winds up plastering that “Nazi” label on people they don’t like, people they disagree with, whose ideas they find offensive. It’s the lamest cliche of the insult world. You don’t like ’em? They’re a Nazi. Bush is a Nazi. Cheney is a Nazi. Nancy Pelosi is a Nazi. The Soup Nazi is a Nazi. That’s not what I’m saying here. I’m saying that the toxic ideology that fueled and drove the Nazis was “a religion” and that just because a group says it’s a religion doesn’t make it harmless – or something we have any moral obligation to allow into our society.

If it were possible to take out the parts of the Koran that advocate violence against others (and the parts that tell it’s followers “War is deception” and that it’s OK to lie to infidels), I wouldn’t have a problem with Islam – go ahead, worship Allah, build your mosques. The problem is, many Muslims have followed the Koran literally (by killing and oppressing people) for centuries and will not disregard those violent, abusive sections of their holy book. It’s the Holy Koran. You don’t edit it. You don’t change it. And you don’t change Islam. Those who try, get a death threat slapped on them, like Salman Rushdie.

So, if we can’t change it, and it’s bound to hurt us, why would we allow it? Why would we drag the Trojan Horse inside our walls? Because we think it can’t hurt us. We let ourselves be deceived.

Ignorant people make the fatal mistake of lumping Islam in with “all the other religions” and talk about, “Christians did bad things too” – yeah, there are plenty of bloody Old Testament stories – but those are stories, not exhortations on how to act today. The New Testament does not teach, “Convert or Die” – that was something the Catholic church made up, it was not a teaching of Jesus. The Koran teaches violence and intolerance. This is why we have Muslims who grew up in the US, in the UK, who wind up committing violent acts. Islam is not like other religions. If you lump it into the “just another religion” box, you have made a fatal mistake.

For a group that seems to get offended and insulted very easily (remember the riots over the Danish cartoon?) these folks, who claim they just want to get along, sure do seem to be extremely insensitive – or to not care at all – about American sensibilities. They demand to be treated with respect then turn around and act blatantly disrespectful.

Choosing to have this event the day after September 11th was not an accident, just as deciding to try to build a mosque near Ground Zero was not a co-incidence.

It’s like a bully in the school yard: if you let him shove you once, he’ll shove you again, and then trip you. It will continue until you stand up and say, “No. This is not acceptable.” When a bully is aggressive and you respond by being passive, the bully reads that as weakness – and he will keep pushing.

This is part of a calculated strategy: keep pushing into the culture, demanding more and more, vilify anyone who objects, accuse them of being “racist” or “Islamophobic”, consolidate and strengthen your position, keep pushing a weaker, more passive, less aggressive enemy until they give way and you slowly gain ground. The more we give in, the more it confirms to them that their rightful place is to be in charge, to displace our culture and move towards Sharia Law.

It’s a two-pronged strategy: promote yourself in the press as gentle, harmless followers of God-by-a-different-name, and verbally attack anyone who dares to criticize you, accuse them of being bigoted and racist.

We’re heading into an election season, mark my words, the press, liberal media, TV “comedians” and commentators are going to mock anyone who objects to the growing impact of Islam as “Islamophoic” and “hateful”.

But when a group’s holy book teaches them to kill unbelievers, when teachers in “community centers” teach followers that America is corrupt and needs to be destroyed and replaced with Sharia Law, maybe you SHOULD be afraid. Fear is an appropriate reaction to a real threat. Maybe it’s not the “Islamophobes” who are the stupid, but those who blindly and ignorantly allow an enemy that wants them dead to slowly, steadily grow in strength.

I am not saying they’ll be building minarets on the White House next term, but I am saying don’t believe the lies that Islam is “just a peaceful religion” and that you need to be OK with its expansion in the US.

It is OK to say, “No, we don’t want that.”

Just as Islam has a word for deceiving the kafur (infidels like you and me), the word, “taqiyya”, Islam has a word for the duty of Muslims to emigrate, to spread Islam until the entire world is under Sharia Law. It’s a stated goal. Again, read the Koran, read the Hadith, read the Sura.

The word is, “Hijrah”. The beauty of it is, that since one Muslim man may have up to four wives, and the West is so focused on population control that few American families have more than two kids, and Muslims are encouraged to not make friends with the kafur, not “blend in”, the children grow up being taught the same ideology that has been passed down for centuries, and in a matter of just a few generations, they can out-breed us.

Sound far-fetched and “Islamophobic” to you? Take a closer look at Europe, see what’s been unfolding there in the past few decades.

Muslim cleric Omar Bakri Mohammed said, “We will use your democracy to destroy your democracy.”

Pay attention. Watch carefully. Don’t believe the taqiyya – Islamization is already happening. Islam sees the United States as an enemy. We can look the other way, pretend Islam is not an enemy, we can listen to the soothing words of taqiyya. We think that because we are reasonable, tolerant and open that we will change Islam, that it will become moderate and peaceful. It’s like a battered woman thinking if she marries her abusive boyfriend she can help him change.

Depending on just how bad the guy is, what she really needs is a restraining order to keep him away – or a gun.

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