War in Wisconsin

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From: Erick Erickson

There’s war in Wisconsin. Voters, disgusted with big spending Democrats and out of control unions, handled the whole state over to Republicans. Seizing the voter mandate, Republican Governor Scott Walker is intent on pushing through legislation to end the ability of public sector unions to have collective bargaining rights on behalf of public employees.
Democrat lawmakers in the State Senate have fled Wisconsin for Illinois to ensure there is no quorum in the Senate. While only 17 votes are needed, 20 of the 33 senators must be present for the body to conduct business.
Public sector union members have stormed the state capitol. Teachers have staged a ‘sick in’ putting their union privileges ahead of educating children — bolstering Gov. Walker’s point that union abuse needs to be reined in.
Naturally, Barack Obama has sided with the union goons. His Organizing for America is sending protestors to astroturf Wisconsin in favor of more bloat and corruption. This is as much about saving him politically in 2012 as it is actually defending unionization.
Democrats and unions are comparing what is happening to Wisconsin to the Alamo. It puts me in the unusual position of backing the Mexicans.
— Erick Erickson

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