List of who voted for and against the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA)

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“This year’s National Defense Authorization Act has just passed through the Senate. The only obstacle is President Obama and historically he caves into vocal opposition, and looking at the lengthy list of Senators voting Yea, this abomination this could very well pass.
The restructured version of the bill kept the provisions but exempted U.S. citizens to be held in military custody and included language stating that the bill did not extend new authority to detain U.S. citizens. If we need to dissect this swiftly passed Act to this degree, warning signs should be blaring in your head and the fact that, that particular provision was even contained in the bill should alarm you. Why was that provision contained in the bill to begin with?

The NDAA will stifle our Constitutional Rights and most probably will pass, and most definitely without the approval of Americans. This is reminiscent of the Patriot Act. Our government is now allowed to spy on their citizens. We are not supposed to fear our government, and now, regardless of any restructuring done in this Act, it’s a step in a very wrong direction.

Regardless of how politicos spin the passage of NDAA, it opens the door to invasive tactics which infringe upon our freedom. It’s one step in a direction America should never venture into.

…keep your eye on this list of Yeas, and vote them out. Sure, some of the 13 Senators possibly came to the realization that Americans will retaliate at the voting booth if they allow the passage of NDAA, but whether it’s out of conscience or political posturing, those opposing the Act should be held up, while those passing it, should pay a stiff price by occupying an unemployment line.”

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