A day in the life of the 21st MP Company – Iraq

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This from Capt. Dan Sukman via Foxnews.com:

“We dropped off the recruits at the academy early in the day, then waited until the testing was complete before heading back to base. Once again, like so many other days, we all had some downtime to kill. No matter what our jobs are, all soldiers think about and often discuss what we would be doing if we were not in Iraq — watching TV, drinking a beer, taking college classes, kissing our spouse, playing with our children, going to a ball game, arguing the merits of “Rocky IV” being a war movie.But days like that don’t belong to soldiers over here. Days of spending time with our wife or playing with our dog are owned by someone else. For 365 days, soldiers are working hard, for long hours. Today, soldiers of the 21st MP Company and the transportation company within our brigade worked almost 12 hours straight, before they even had lunch.

A lot of time and effort went into the mission to take the Iraqi police recruits up for testing. Of the 75 that came up with us only 19 passed, but all the effort was worth it. There will be 19 more policemen on the streets of Iraq sometime soon.

You will never see these soldiers in a headline. The staffs coordinating testing, the mechanics working on trucks and soldiers driving 75 Iraqis to take a written exam will never be breaking news, but they are important in this war.

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