Freezing the CIA

Filed under:War on Terror — posted by Q Ball on 8/24/2009 @ 3:24 pm

The Obama administration has just announced an investigation in to CIA interrogations that may have violated the law. The president said repeatedly during his first month in office that he wanted to look forward not backward and all but ruled-out investigations of the type now under way. The administration is now content with CIA officials using only the Army Field Manual and nothing more while conducting interrogations. This is ridiculous because the Army Field manual was designed to be used by common soldiers when they had captured the enemy in the field. It was not intended to be used against the top echelon of al-Queda. I have concerns that the investigation will lead to a chilling effect that will sweep through the CIA causing most agents to consider what will happen to themselves if they do act, rather than what will happen to this country if they do not act.

Reason online has similar concerns.

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