Social Justice

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From: The Tenth Amendment Center

It appears that there are two popular definitions of “social justice”. One involves an individual who chooses to give freely to people in need; this one is historically referred to as charity. The other requires the use of government force under the guise of good will to seize production from one and give to another. This one is nothing but theft and historically results in little less than slavery. Unfortunately, this is what most people mean when they speak of social justice.

Definition of Justice:

“The administering of deserved punishment or reward”

Is it possible that adding the word “social” before “justice” can result in a definition that makes it “just” to steal from someone because it is socially acceptable to do so? Promoters of social justice should spend a moment and reflect on which definition they support, why they embrace it and whether their concept of “justice” infringes on another person’s rights or freedom, and whether this other person guilty of a crime and thus punishment.


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